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Sarah McMurray

Director-Process and Workflow Systems, The Carruthers Group

Sarah McMurray is the Process and Workflow Systems Director for The Carruthers Group. Prior to joining The Carruthers Group, Ms. McMurray worked in the physical sciences, in Research and Development for mercury mitigation within coal fired power plants. She has additional training in Lean and Six Sigma techniques, statistical analysis, as well as in the communication of quantitative information.

Ms. McMurray received her Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Western Kentucky University, and Masters of Science Degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

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In implementing process and workflow solutions for a fast growth company, scalability is an imperative factor in my decision making. If a process works for a team of 5, will it still work for a team of 15? How about 50? Will our decisions be valid not only for a dataset of 1000, but 100,000? Bring Awareness to Your Current Process with Small Data It may sound...