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Scott Welty

VP Retail Strategy, JDA Software

With widespread experience within the retail industry, Scott has held several leadership roles at JDA Software including Vice President of Planning Allocation and Category Management.  Solution Evangelist and most recently the Vice President of Retail for JDA. With a core focus on business process optimization, trends and market research, Scott has helped hundreds of companies select the proper solutions to attain increased revenues, profits and efficiencies.

In his current role he Provides leadership to North American pre sales teams across Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale Distribution and 3PL. Enhance drive sales engagement and execution process across sales and pre sales to ensure high closure rate. Align processes, knowledge and skills across all regions of the globe to ensure high level of pre sales consistency

Education: B.S. Communication The University of Toledo, Toledo Ohio, Associate Degree, Marketing and Sales and Retail Management, The University of Toledo, Toledo Ohio

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