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Shirish Lal

COO and CTO, Harte Hanks

Shirish Lal is Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Harte Hanks. With extensive experience in marketing, technology, and process execution, Shirish leads the charge to deliver analytics-driven, customer-centric marketing services to Harte Hanks clients. He has responsibility for strategic direction, product and technology roadmaps, service delivery, information technology and corporate development. Prior to Harte Hanks, Shirish served as Chief Marketing Officer at Century Link.

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The last 5 years has seen a dramatic change in CMO’s engagement in technology decisions. From Gartner declaring the CMO will make more IT purchasing decisions than the CIO; to Accenture becoming the world’s largest digital agency; to a growth in the number of MarTech vendors from less than 500 to over 4,000—there has been a paradigm shift for CMOs....