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Willie Krenz

CIO, The Aerospace Corporation

Dr. William Krenz is vice president and chief information officer of The Aerospace Corporation, assuming this position in April 2008. He is responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of the corporation’s capabilities related to computing resources and infrastructure including strategic planning, policy initiatives, customer support, and the development of applications critical to the success of the information technology program. Krenz has held multiple leadership positions at the corporation including: general manager of the Computers and Software Division; principal director of Development Planning; principal director of the Research and Program Development Office; director of Space Systems Engineering, Systems Engineering Division; and manager in the Control Analysis Department

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I said for quite a while that Aerospace would be one the last companies to embrace the use of cloud computing due to the security requirements. The benefits, particularly for a company of our size and geographic diversity, have been clear for years–easier business continuity, faster rollout of upgrades, and better computing surge capability at lower cost. What...