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Xavier Leschaeve

CISO, Remy Cointreau

Xavier Leschaeve (CISSP) , Global CISO for Rémy Cointreau Group (world leader of exceptional spirits) since 2015.

Previously more than 10 years in information security, compliance and operational risk management in the finance industry.

Member of the CESIN, French CISO association.

Previous company was AXA and he was member of the Global Security Office. In charge of the definition of the AXA Tech global security strategy.
Define global security processes such as incident reporting & handling, crisis management, security assessment, action & activity reporting, risk identification & mitigation, employee awareness, security vulnerability information etc.

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Trends in the Compliance Arena We are seeing more and more regulations in the compliance area, but hopefully also a convergence of the different regulations. In the past, it was very common to have conflicting regulations between countries or even states. While this still exists, it tends to be less frequent. Being a French based company, we can see that in Europe,...