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Mitch Farbstein, VP Government Sales
Against the backdrop of constantly changing technological landscape, the greatest challenge facing businesses today is to make flexibility an integral part of their work culture. “Organizations purchasing software solutions usually have to revert to the vendor or the consultants to make the desired changes in the software, which hampers business performance,” says Mitch Farbstein, VP Government Sales at Feith Systems. Addressing these challenges, Feith Systems, a 40 year old information lifecycle management software developer, offers self-evident technology solutions that help federal and commercial organizations reduce spending, operate efficaciously, strengthen data security, and keep better track of all key records. Feith Systems provides a business performance management (BPM) solution suite that integrates easily with, and extends the life-cycle of, existing legacy solutions.

At the core, Feith Systems provides a comprehensive process automation and content management enterprise stack implemented in an agile development environment with integrations for SAP, SharePoint, Oracle and many other enterprise applications. “We take business process, document management, imaging, and the traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technologies and consolidate them into a single cohesive and comprehensive platform,” says Farbstein. Overlaid on this platform is the firm’s fully automated, secure records management and data management solution, RMA iQ, that offers on premises and cloud-driven federal agencies the flexibility to store and manage their records. Feith has implemented the JITC DoD 5015.02 certified standard for electronic and physical records management, which also includes certification for classified documents and the FOIA/Privacy Act. RMA iQ is certified with SharePoint and allows content to automatically migrate from Document Libraries and file shares into the RMA iQ repository for auto-categorization.
Strict rules of access via real time connectivity with the customer’s identity management solution and AD/SSO are applied so that records can be accessed only by those users who have permission to view them. Using an attribute based access control (ABAC) method to authenticate the user, Feith Systems enables organizations to design, monitor, and audit workflow processes in real-time.

To help organizations with their case and task management challenges, Feith Systems’ extensible, agile workflow suite is incorporated into the standard platform. They also have standard ECM capabilities for managing content, file synchronization and file sharing, such as Google drive. The company addresses security integrations and networks using the ABAC model that enables organizations to design, monitor, and audit workflows with a high degree of security confidence. The workflow application utilizes their user-friendly graphical design tool, a sophisticated rules-based engine, and a real-time process control monitoring system for processes related to scanned images, faxes, web forms, email, computer output to laser disc (COLD) data and standard application data files. And to the benefit of Feith’s restricted network and Authority to Operate customers, “Feith does not sunset its products, but keeps them updated with in-house developed leading-edge capabilities—the customer moves when they are ready,” says Farbstein. For example, Feith Systems assisted one of their food manufacturing clients when they had issues with large print streams and distribution, more than 20 years ago. In the initial stages of their partnership with Feith Systems, the customer was printing data on green bar paper. The customer needed a solution to take the main frame-ingested information, eliminate the paper and render the data electronically so that reports could be viewed on the screen and saved as records. Years later, they wanted to have file share and file syncing options, just like Google drive. Feith delivered. Feith has also implemented a document management solution that stores all of the human resources information from creation through records management for their global community of employees. During the relationship Feith has supported the environment by simply upgrading the original configuration and continually providing new and innovative technologies.

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Mitch Farbstein, VP Government Sales

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