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Kyle H. David, CEO
Despite all of the changes ruling the higher education landscape, there is increasing pressure related to its ever-rising costs that is impacting both enrollment numbers and alumni philanthropy.

According to Kyle H. David, CEO at KDG, a leading tech consultant with over 15 years of experience providing tech solutions to higher educational institutions, there are two major upheavals institutions are currently struggling to overcome. The first is that tuition-driven institutions are falling behind in enrollment. The second is that alumni engagement and participation is crumbling. As colleges and universities have worked to address these issues, they have created an industry that is ripe for disruption.

“Ever since I first read The Innovator’s Dilemma in the ‘90s, I have been fascinated by disruption,” says David. Disruption, or the idea that new companies cannot only unseat goliath incumbents, but also change the standards of an entire industry, spoke loudly to him. And, as digitalization has crept into all of our daily lives, a digital disruption seemed the way to go.

It was this idea that led to the development of KDG’s premiere product for higher education: ReachBright, an innovative inbound marketing automation tool. From prospective student marketing to alumni engagement metrics, ReachBright helps the higher education sector fight back against dwindling enrollment and falling philanthropy by delivering operating transparency and automated engagement.

According to David, very few institutions have quickly accessible data on how engaged specific alumni or prospective students are over others. ReachBright, however, delivers real-time data on engagement for prospective students, current students, and alumni, as well as targeted and automated communications to keep those contacts engaged. The simple insights ReachBright provides, such as contacts’ interests, social media interactions, and attendance at campus events, can open infinite doors to enrollment and advancement officials.

With the quick implementation of ReachBright, institutions can see real-time charts on the health of their prospective student marketing funnel, as well as the engagement and participation rates of their alumni.

With ReachBright, institutions can see real-time charts on the health of their prospective students, current students, and alumni

In just a few clicks, they can drill down to a specific prospect and see exactly what they are interested in from their browsing habits, how often they engage, what emails and social media they interact with, events they registered for or attended, and any gifts and donations they made.

With tagging logic that tracks contacts’ web activity and automatically assigns tags based on this data, ReachBright can tell admissions officers which prospects are interested in sports and which are interested in the arts. These contacts are then automatically enrolled in customized email campaigns. ReachBright also keeps track of colleges’ most generous donors, enabling giving campaigns to be targeted to meet their needs. From prospect to student to alumni, ReachBright continuously gathers data on the entire cycle of a student’s experience, the only tool of its kind to do so. With ReachBright, colleges and universities not only have the opportunity to understand engagement on an individualized level, but are now given an opportunity to see what exactly is triggering that engagement.

Moving forward, KDG’s next big step is to begin deploying the whole ReachBright suite to institutions around the nation. With this suite, institutions will be able to see everything from admissions data and projections to alumni participation and activity to student sentiment and engagement, all on one management dashboard.

“We think that, as institutions begin to become data-driven in their decision making, they will not only become more efficient operators, but also more improved educators,” concludes David.


Allentown, PA

Kyle H. David, CEO

Delivers real-time data on engagement for prospective students, current students, and alumni