Montage Technology: Delivering High-Performance, Low-Power IC-Based Solutions

Geof Findley, VP of Sales and Business Development
High volume servers (HVS) have never been more imperative than today, where massive amounts of data are constantly being transmitted through data centers. To ensure the data flow through networks is as smooth as possible, one of the indispensable facets is dynamic random-access memory. Server memory helps HVS achieve the required performance while also improving its memory capacity. Realizing the potency of DRAMs, today, numerous fabless companies are striving to strike its impact in the semiconductor market. Leading this pack is Montage Technology. The company focuses on developing high-speed, lower-power consuming memory interface solutions for servers and data centers. “We are a 15-year-old globally-operating semiconductor firm that designs and develops the piece of silicon that is incorporated within memory modules of the enterprise servers to increase their memory density and data transmission rate,” says Geof Findley, VP of sales and business development at Montage.

Founded in 2004, the company’s forte lies in offering analog and mixed-signal semiconductor solutions for the home entertainment and cloud computing markets. Montage provides high-performance, low-power memory interface solutions with industry leading quality that enable memory-intensive server applications.

Delving into the depths of the company’s IC expertise, Findley notes that his company’s memory interface solutions portfolio comprises JEDEC-compliant double data rate (DDR) synchronous DRAM modules, including second-generation DDR (DDR2) advanced memory buffer, third-generation DDR (DDR3) register buffer, and fourth-generation DDR (DDR4) registering clock driver (RCD) and data buffer (DB).
Currently, Montage’s DDR4 supports both registered dual in-line memory modules (RDIMMs) and load-reduced dual in-line memory modules (LRDIMMs), which offer increased storage performance, scalability, and power efficiency for server and cloud computing applications. Presently, Montage is one of the only two DDR4 LRDIMM memory buffer suppliers validated by Intel; its products have expanded into the industry mainstream memory, server, and cloud computing field, supporting the global market. The company also recently introduced the new, fifth-generation DDR (DDR5) RCD and DB with an aim to reduce the effective load on the data buses and provide higher bandwidth, performance, and capacity for future servers. That being said, what truly makes Montage’s memory interface solutions the market leader in the semiconductor marketplace is its ability to achieve exceptional performance, top-notch reliability, and quality, which allows the servers to operate cost-efficiently.

Over the last decade, Montage has helped several customers across China, the U.S., and South Korea with its cutting-edge memory interface offerings. Going forward, Montage wants to be one of the frontrunners of the memory industry’s transition from DDR4 toward DDR5, and is working on additional memory interface products to efficiently address the need for increased memory capacity, lower power, and higher throughput speeds. Additionally, as security concern has become a critical issue throughout the IoT and edge computing industry, the company is also offering hybrid security DIMMs that provide additional security features at silicon level for servers and data centers.

Above all, the firm is on a constant mission to establish lasting relationships with leading memory suppliers and CPU manufacturers and remain aligned with their current and next-generation solutions. “In this ever-changing industry, tremendous opportunities are yet to be unveiled. And, Montage will continue to accelerate with focus and innovation and support cutting-edge technologies to spearhead the next big trend,” concludes Findley.

Montage Technology

San Jose, CA

Geof Findley, VP of Sales and Business Development

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Montage Technology