'Alpha Anywhere' Expedites Mobile App Development; Adapts Low-Code Approach

By CIOReview | Friday, January 22, 2016

PHILADELPHIA, PA: With the aim of accelerating mobile development, CloudMine, a mobile backend platform for healthcare and life science organizations unveiled a collaboration with Alpha Software, developer of business applications for mobile devices and personal computers.

CloudMine focuses on enabling health organizations to rapidly build a large number of sophisticated, HIPAA-compliant mobile apps that leverage powerful device capabilities by integrating the Alpha Anywhere mobile, web application development and deployment environment. The integration provides security and compliance, empowers IT and business users to deliver mobile optimized forms, rich HTML 5 web applications, using a low-code approach.

Brendan McCorkle, CEO, CloudMine states that the combination of CloudMine and Alpha Anywhere exemplifies Gartner's bimodal IT strategy by balancing the need to manage and govern with the demand to deliver compelling and polished cross-platform mobile apps in an agile manner.

In order to operationalize the business, the Alpha Anywhere platform focuses on building true app store quality mobile apps for developers as well as non-developers. Furthermore, the development process is streamlined and standardized using CloudMines mobile backend-as-a-service. Standardization is achieved by providing key elements of backend APIs and services - code deployment and execution (PaaS), security, and interoperability; and ensures appropriate governance to meet healthcare requirements.

Today’s Health organizations will be able to adapt to sophisticated mobile apps that work on any mobile, supporting offline access and incorporating video, photos, and scans. Mobile development tools are necessary to balance governance with agility.

Key capabilities of the partnership include tight integration of CloudMines mobile backend-as-a-service (mBaaS) to Alpha Anywhere, mobile optimized forms, secure storage of large media files, Compliance framework for building HIPAA-compliant apps and access to healthcare data sets.

To drive patient engagement and to improve the overall care, health organizations leverage the power of the web, mobile, the Internet of Things (IoT) and also collect data across the continuum of care. “Using CloudMines secure mobile backend platform, Alpha Software customers will have unprecedented opportunities to offload the management of application uptime and sensitive data, while gaining a pre-integrated framework for assembly of HIPAA compliance” asserts Richard Rabins, CEO, Alpha Software.

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