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3 Technologies Web Developers Must Embrace

By CIOReview | Friday, December 25, 2020

The trends change, user behavior changes, and new technologies are introduced daily on top of it. So in web development, developers have to cope with these changes if they want to stay on top.

FREMONT, CA: It is not a secret that user expectations keep growing, and it is challenging to create an engaging digital experience. Content has to be easily accessible anywhere and anytime, and software needs to be innovative. The latest web development technologies can help organizations stand out among competitors. Staying updated with the recent trends and understanding the future of web development will help companies to stay up to the mark and not to lose their valuable customers. Here is an exploration of top trends to businesses’ advantage.

• HTML and CSS

The first thing a web developer needs to learn is HTML, and in case a developer wants to know how HTML works, he/she should get their hands on CSS too. HTML is why people get to see relevant results on the web browser when one enters a query. As far as CSS is concerned, it stands for Cascading Style Sheets and explains how HTML elements are deployed on the screen. One can easily find CSS and HTML complete guides on the internet. It is just that the sooner a developer masters this web technology, the better it will be.

• Frameworks

Frameworks are vital because they make all the programming languages and the developing work way more accessible. One doesn’t have to worry about all those repetitive tasks and complex programming languages after mastering some frameworks. The most known one that’s being used nowadays is WordPress. It is a content management system that is developed in PHP. Other than this, one can try. NET. This one is developed by Microsoft and is a full-stack framework. Other recommended frameworks that web developers should use are Angular.js, Drupal, Bootstrap, and Node.js.

• Chatbots

One of the major technologies right now is that of chatbots, and as a web developer, the person needs to have some grip on it because the use of chatbots is all about making things seamless and more convenient for the customers. A good online support system can do wonders for organizations as people love getting answers to their queries right away when they make one.

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