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Advanced Tech Ideas Changing the Face of Business

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Enhancing businesses is what every organization dreams about, and advanced technology is here to help such companies' dreams come true.

FREMONT, CA: Advancements in technology are increasingly creating opportunities to drive businesses towards high efficiency, productivity, and profitability. The following is a compiled list of value-adding tech-driven strategies to improve businesses.

•  Comparative Raters

Comparative rater for the agency website is the "must-have" in-house tech innovation. Traditional comparative raters' focuses on personal lines, but the latest raters focus on commercial lines. The latest raters need to be available for agents to use, but should also be available on agency websites for customers to use on their own. Comparative raters provide a more accurate quote and allow agents to respond to a customer quickly, which ultimately drives to the right price for the consumer.

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•  Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is when a system sends out notifications, creating emails, creating tasks, registering notes taking away some of the manual data entry. The most critical consequences of a sound workflow automation system are greater efficiencies and better task prioritization. Agencies use technology to automate the flow of data in business processes replacing with rule-book logic. When the system manages a workflow, it reduces processing time and manual errors while increasing efficiency and productivity.

•  Web/mobile Site

Having an excellent user-friendly mobile-enabled website is the vital key that too many agencies still aren't up-to-date with. Relationships are built through electronic means in today's market and to meet customer needs, enabling site that allows a two-way communication is essential. It has to be active on a mobile device, and without a mobile platform, the site is already braindead. Too many agencies have bland, unimpressive, non-functioning websites and are electronic brochures. In this industry, there are opportunities to get websites created and understanding the technology move cost-effectively.

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 Technology has been creating a significant impact on the modern workplace, revolutionizing the way corporations conduct their daily projects. Whatever industry is operated on, technology helps customers to access all the information needed to communicate with the corporation successfully. This allows manufacturers to speed up the production process.