Aeroflot Leverages IBM's Analytics Technologies to Transform Customer Experience

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 31, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Airline service provider, Aeroflot has announced to adopt IBM analytics technologies’ assistance in transforming the customer experience provided to 40 million passengers who fly with Aeroflot annually. The underlying aim behind this move is to increase passenger numbers and improve brand loyalty.

The deal will allow Aeroflot to leverage IBM’s advanced analytics technologies so as to draw insights from a massive pile of structured and unstructured data from across the company's various properties. These include travel booking websites, social networks, IT and accounting systems amongst others. This data can be utilized to comprehend customer preferences and buying behaviors to facilitate Aeroflot in improving customer service and conducting more targeted marketing campaigns. For instance, while promotion of special offers to new destinations; travelers can be targeted with the most relevant profiles and highest levels of potential interest.

"The deployment of analytics technologies will be of great benefit to our customers while searching for and selecting the best offers. Personalization and targeted marketing tools will allow us to proactively attract new customers while successfully developing relationships with our existing base," says Mikhail Fandeyev, Marketing Director, Aeroflot.

Data mining, machine learning and predictive modeling technologies will be utilized by the new system for analyzing the buying behavior of Aeroflot's customers. Aeroflot’s objective lies in orchestrating unique customer profiles and accurately calculating customer lifetime value using over 300 data points which include last purchase, purchase history, the number of purchased tickets, destination types, and price sensitivity.

Eugene Ostrovsky, Head of Transport Industry Solutions, IBM Eastern Europe / Asia comments, "It turned to IBM's analytics technologies to draw meaningful insight from the floods of data produced by its business systems and online channels. As a long-term partner to Aeroflot and a world leader in analytics, we are providing some of the most advanced technologies available to help turn data into valuable insight and support Aeroflot's continued transformation and growth."

Aeroflot has selected IBM's analytics technologies including BigInsights and SPSS through a market analysis, which instates IBM's business partner Technoserv Consulting as the system integrator for the deal.

Original News Headline: Aeroflot Customer Personalization Reaches New Heights with IBM Analytics