Agile Analytics and Boundless Collaborate to Uproot Poaching Activities

By CIOReview | Friday, March 11, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC: Agile Analytics Group and Boundless put forth their plan of working together to build a geospatial data analysis platform named ‘Boma’ that can evaluate on poaching incidents and helping minimize future occurrences. Agile Analytics Group is a firm that delivers customized intelligence, technology, training and logistics solutions for a variety of commercial and non-profit customers. Boundless, on the other hand, is an organization that helps companies reduce the cost and time of deploying and managing spatial software through packaging, maintenance and expert training.  

Both the firms are working on the Boma project in support of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)/Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) tenBoma project to develop a counter-wildlife crime intelligence fusion center. They were brought together by the American Geographical Society and IFAW.

tenBoma, a model project collaboration between IFAW and KWS stops elephant and rhino poachers from hampering Kenyan wildlife and communities. The basic idea of the project is to develop a system that counters poaching with high-tech data analysis and enhanced security operations. This endeavour is the latest effort of IFAW to curtail the illegal wildlife trade chain.

As part of the project, Boundless is empowering Agile Analytics Group deploy GeoNode implementation to assist IFAW/KWS in their joint mission. The GeoNode implementation previously designed for humanitarian assistance, named GeoSHAPE enables collaboration on geospatial information between mission partners in connected and disconnected operations. GeoSHAPE is being integrated into the KWS intelligence and analysis processes as IFAW implements its second stage of tenBoma.

Faye Cuevas, Councilor, American Geological Society states, “To see these companies join forces in providing IFAW with geo-tech and analysis to advance IFAW’s innovative tenBoma counter-poaching project demonstrates the power of putting geography first and proves you ‘go farther’ through building collaborative partnerships with innovative thinkers, shapers, and doers.”