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AI For Skills: Achieving the 2 P's- Precision and Progression

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Focusing on social hiring and automation has enabled recruiting teams in the hiring process to deliver velocity, precision, and branding.

FREMONT, CA: One of the critical developments likely to dominate the universe of human capital and team is to identify, nurture, and protect the skill base of an organization. While skills shortage is a global problem in the workplace, it is under particularly severe focus. The current raging discussion on reducing immigration rates and the danger that imposes on the supply of much-needed qualified talent increases its significance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps by prompting modifications across different job fields, from performance management to organizational structures such as "project job" and "teamwork" to "employment." Such a shift will encourage and demand inner mobility recognition and drive individuals' desire for new career experiences. Employee experience–including learning, development, difficulties, and enthusiasm–will describe businesses that are enabling. However, more agile HR methods will be required. Data science will be highlighted in HR as new techniques–such as AI, machine learning, and analytics –are increasingly being used. Using AI to workforce data will enhance the capacity of the HR function to leverage machine learning-driven suggestions to assist maintain top talent and source employees for new positions and projects.

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The unstoppable rush of these techniques underscores the significance of the data scientist's evolving age. Data science's capacity to dissect large data troves will lead in actionable ideas that will significantly benefit the HR function, not only in terms of time and precision but also offering smart evaluation of that data as a guiding light illuminating the suggested route of action.

Organizations progressively use the software platform with their HR departments to promote and accelerate the capacities of AI and machine learning. 

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