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All-in-All Unified Platform Catering to D2C Fulfilment

By CIOReview | Friday, July 5, 2019

By merging all eCommerce process features into one service, a single unified platform makes it simple for companies and brands to sell globally and relieve overhead.

FREMONT, CA: Gone are the days when customers agreed to wait for their orders for more than a week, even with free shipping. ChannelApe is successfully helping brands link their shopping carts services to customer satisfaction. The company utilizes $2.4 million seed funding to accelerate the enhanced development of innovative product delivery services to serve businesses. 

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ChannelApe offers a unified platform for DTC businesses and enables them to bag high fulfilment values and customer satisfaction. The platform routes the orders to the right warehouse while choosing the most economical shipping service with the highest speed of shipment, adding to the product delivery success.

Today, eCommerce has offered almost unlimited alternatives to customers. Consumers can purchase a single product, a multi-pack, a variety pack, shipping on the same day, shipping for two days, whatever they want. Brands, on the other side, have to fight through the difficulties of selling and satisfaction remaining by this consumer choice explosion. This is precisely the issue that ChannelApe solves: companies can now deliver these alternatives with all-in-one technology-enabled eCommerce outsourcing, from the factory ground to the front gate of the consumer, while decreasing the time from purchase to shipment as cost-effectively as possible.

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To streamline the brand-to-consumer connection, ChannelApe uses technology-driven logistics and other operational principles, and marketing solutions, helping all sizes of DTC businesses to concentrate on developing best-of-breed products delivery methods. By establishing more direct business connections with brands and delighting customers, ChannelApe is powering the DTC economy immensely.