AppDome Strengthens its Flagship App Fusion Solution with MAM, VPN and MADP

By CIOReview | Monday, March 7, 2016

NEW YORK, NY: Mobile Application provider, AppDome has recently announced the expansion of its flagship solution - App Fusion with Mobile Application Management (MAM), Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) to make data access easy.

App fusion’s SaaS technology provides security to safeguard enterprise and consumer-facing apps from cyber threats, mobile fraud, and data theft. AppDome claims that its app fusion technology defends iOS and Android apps from a range of attack vectors within 7 minutes after the deployment and does not require any source code modifications or SDK integration while the application is being executed. The solution is used by many financial, healthcare and E-commerce companies to ensure productivity, compliance, and security for consumers and employees. "As the richness of enterprise apps grows with the need to make enterprise data and critical systems accessible to employees, it is imperative to enable organizational IT to add MAM/MADP security and VPN connectivity into existing apps without affecting the app's development lifecycle," says Avi Yehuda, CTO, AppDome.

The application enables companies to smoothly bond MAM, VPN and MADP solutions, such as Good Dynamics and Pulse Secure, directly into mobile apps. It secures customer-facing apps and their data by adding an essential security layer around the IPA/APK for iOS and Android apps. AppDome’s core App Fusion technology offers the ability to fuse new security features and capabilities into the existing consumer and enterprise apps as well, on iOS and Android by uploading the final package (IPA/APK) to the AppDome Service. "Fusing MAM and MADP capabilities into existing enterprise apps is crucial in providing required organizational controls without investing excessive resources in support and maintenance," said Tal Gilat, AppDome, CEO.