Aspect Software Announces the Release of Aspect CXP 15

By CIOReview | Monday, February 15, 2016

PHOENIX, AZ: Aspect Software, a leading and award-winning cloud provider of fully-integrated consumer engagement, workforce optimization, and back-office solutions, announced the release of Aspect CXP 15 (Customer Experience Platform). The new release is a dynamic new visual development environment for self-service applications. It will add advanced integration with Aspect’s consumer engagement platform Unified IP, and provide seamless transfer of self-service interactions to live agent assistance when required. Other improvements include the increase in speed and ease of creating intelligent self-service applications such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Interactive Text Response (ITR) applications that can be designed once, and deployed anywhere.

"Aspect’s mission is to design technology that makes it easy for our customers to engage with consumers on text or messaging-based platforms and through both self-service and agent-assisted interaction. The new easy-to-use Aspect CXP Designer makes it possible for developers or non-developers to design simple, customer-friendly self-service applications for the channels that consumers want to use such as text, Twitter, messaging apps and IVR,” says Joe Gagnon, Global GM of Cloud solutions and Chief Customer Strategy Officer, Aspect. “Now with the advanced integration between Aspect CXP and Unified IP, it is easier than ever for consumers to reach a qualified agent when they want additional assistance beyond what they can do with self-service. The enhancements to CXP further demonstrate Aspect’s commitment to providing best-in-class technology to help build better relationships between consumers and the brands with which they do business,” he adds.

Aspect CXP Designer also includes a set of tools targeting technical developers, designers, and non-technical staff that will now allow direct collaboration between IT, operations, and business on a single platform. Through Aspect CXP’s advanced and integrated approach, it can take a simple text or message-based “call me” request and direct a call to any number of Unified IP systems. Aspect CXP will then find the best available agent across different contact centers and regions. CXP 15 also includes a new cradle-to-grave reporting that shows the customer journey across IVR, ACD queues, and agent-based interactions in both Aspect CXP and Unified IP. A series of reports provide insight into customers’ reasons for calling, if and how customers achieved their goals, and quantify dropout rates in the IVR and in the queue, from high level statistics down to the analysis of individual interactions.