Yokogawa Adapts Cloud Data for Growth

By CIOReview | Friday, February 12, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Yokogawa Electric Corporation has always been on the lookout for opportunities that would allow it to seek fast growth alongside expansion in Business activities in the competitive financial world. In cue of this, Yokogawa announced the setting up of Industrial Knowledge, a business unit that will seek to play a critical role in the expansion of the asset intensive unit. Operational excellence is the buzzword of the Yokogawa latest announcement who seeks to maximise the customer’s revenue as outlined in the Yokogawa business plan of 2016-17.

Finer Details of the Yokogawa Business Plan:

The ARC Industrial Forum 2016 held in Orlando, Florida, gave clues about the Yokogawa plans for future expansion plus restructuring its business. Industrial Knowledge is the ding-business-As (DBA) of Yokogawa Venture Group, Inc, it is developed in the aim of incorporating SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud based advanced solution. Industrial Knowledge role will be pivotal as it seeks to expand the solutions offered by its parent company Yokogawa by existing Yokogawa technologies and the use of M&A. In sync with its strategy of working on cloud based solutions, Yokogawa has acquired the Industrial Evolution, Inc., thus adding cloud-based site-connected data sharing services of the acquired company in its impressive list of services.

The Know-How of the Solutions to be offered by Yokogawa

The core attention of Yokogawa will be on creating solutions that will encompass values for customers by collecting, integrating, and analyzing data and converting it into an actionable form. Industrial Evolution's secure cloud platform and technologies for the collection will be a vital asset for the Industrial Knowledge as they seek to analyze of real-time process data from firewall protected systems to quickly develop its business. One of the examples quoted by the officials from Yokogawa is of a major process licensor that gathers data in real time from licensees' plants around the world and provides remote monitoring and support services for plant operations, including start-up assistance, warranty obligation fulfilment, and plant performance guidance. The business unit will take advantage of high reliability and quality of Yokogawa's measurement and control technologies as well as the proven track record and accumulated expertise of Yokogawa and Industrial Knowledge to co create solutions.

The industry on the overall will be looking with clean interest at Industrial Knowledge as it adds value of its customers' products and services and contribute to the integration, collaboration, and optimization of entire supply chains.