Auto Scaling at Rackspace Gets Easier through Treestle's LiquiD AutoScaler

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fremont, CA: Webservers face high traffic at peak hours; oftentimes, when the servers engage with a number of website invaders. Rackspace—with auto scaling option—has been a great platform in hosting web infrastructures during such unpredictable occasions. Auto scaling solution simplifies the server traffic more effectively by setting up servers and load balancers. However, this form of auto scaling is not related to real-time traffic patterns. Mart Wesseling, employee of Treestle, a software company, comes up with a solution to set up Auto Scaling in Rackspace through their flagship product LiquiD AutoScaler. Clients’ Web infrastructure at Rackspace becomes even more robust and cost-effective through the implementation of Treestle’s LiquiD AutoScaler.

Wesseling says that an alternative solution—to address webserver hiccups—is to utilize an external measurement platform via a script that conveys Rackspace’s API to instruct on when to scale resources.

Unlike Rackspace’s basic solution, Treestle’s AutoScaler scale is based on the page load time. It scales when the website visitors need it. LiquiD AutoScaler monitors organization’s website by looking at the performance through the load balancer. When the load balancer notices lagging process in loading the page, it instructs Rackspace to spin up an external virtual server and binds it to the load balancer within few seconds. The launching and joining of new servers depend on the provisioning queue of Rackspace’s cloud environment which is normally more than fast enough.

Initially, the set up process of LiquiD AutoScaler takes up to five minutes. After successful integration of the AutoScaler, user needs to select the load balancer which calls for monitoring. Once the process takes off, LiquiD AutoScaler ensures that the user experience will remain the same throughout the exercise even at high volumes of traffic. It helps in the cost reductions of clients’ webservers while ensuring a uniform web experience and improving uptime. Apart from Rackspace, LiquiD AutoScaler is also available on multiple clouds including Interoute VDC and Amazon Web Services.