Avere Systems Unveils Next Generation Edge Filer Series for Hybrid Workflow

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 13, 2016

PITTSBURGH, PA: Avere Systems, a provider of enterprise storage for the hybrid cloud, unveils enhanced FXT 5000 Edge storage filer series. Storage filer is a file server, also known as NAS (Network Attached Storage) filers, designed and programmed for high volume data storage backup and archiving.

FXT 5000 Edge filer utilizes Avere “Edge-Core architecture” to bring flexibility and performance to modern enterprise architecture. FXT 5000 Edge filer series is comprised of two models – the 5400 and 5600, for data sharing applications including the internet, fiber channel SANs and Ethernet LANs (Local Area Network). The major enhancements include: clustering 50 nodes per system with 9.6 TB SSD per node resulting in higher capacity and has higher density occupying just one rack unit per node thereby lowering the total cost of ownership in the data center. It also provides more data throughput resulting in high performance applications such as rendering, genomic analysis and financial simulations.

The new enhanced filer series enables enterprises to integrate the public cloud, private object storage solutions and existing NAS systems into a single, easy-to-manage infrastructure to seamlessly store data and run applications with minimal latency. The enhanced Edge filer series optimize traditional infrastructures and reduces dependencies upon capacity-based storage which in turn create a hybrid workflow to match the diverse business needs.

“Data center space is expensive whether it’s in your own building or in a rented colocation facility. The FXT 5000 Series brings this to the next level by delivering more than three times the data throughput and four times the SSD capacity per unit of rack space.” says Jeff Tabor, Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing at Avere Systems.