Azteca Rolls out Cityworks Analytics to Monitor Key Performance Indicators

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 30, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Azteca Systems, provider of GIS-centric management solutions, has unveiled Cityworks Analytics to easily realize the value in work and asset management data accumulated over time.

With the help of Cityworks Analytics, a component of the Cityworks suite, users can easily and quickly analyze performance, observe trends, explore outliers, and derive averages. It also helps them adjust metrics to establish realistic service levels and enhance activity-specific and overall performance.

“Today, managers at all levels are facing increased resource demands and tightly constrained budget. Doing more with less requires managers to clearly understand the metrics that measure their areas of responsibility, helping them focus staff on the work at hand and determine rewards for the best use of time and resources. With Cityworks Analytics, Cityworks users quickly realize the value in the work and asset management data accumulated over time,” states Brian Haslam, President and CEO of Azteca Systems.

Cityworks Analytics is built to streamline the work process, which offers the tools for data mining and leveraging Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It also allows users to explore ideas with real-time reporting available across the entire Cityworks database, and eradicates the need of writing lengthy reports.

Moreover, delivered as a web service with a series of predefined, yet customizable templates, reports and KPIs, it lets users configure the data connection and enables them to use existing out-of-the-box tools.