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Battling against Burglaries? Technology is Here for Rescue

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Protecting our homes from burglars is now smarter and easier as technology offers better tricks to curb their attacks.   

FREMONT, CA: According to a study, burglaries continue to have the second highest arrest rate for property crimes in the US at a ratio of 82.9 per 100,000 habitats. With the invention of technology and innovative security measures, homeowners don't have to become a part of the burglary statistics anymore. Most home robberies can be categorized as random opportunistic acts. Homeowners can protect against theft by studying at the weaknesses of their house from a burglar's point of view. Preventing burglars to loot the hard-earned possessions is the ultimatum, either way.

The first thing that burglars check is if there is anyone is home or not. Usually, they knock the door to see if anybody answers the door or not. If answered, they might act as being lost or seeking directions. To better guard their homes, homeowners should consider enhancing to deadbolts and strengthening the frame of their front door to make a break-in extra arduous for the burglar. When thieves break into homes, there's a higher chance of them doing so during the day when many people are at work.

Technology has upturned the way everything works. CCTV is one such innovation that can be used to curb burglaries. Advanced systems can be relatively economical and look a whole lot better than the traditional methods. In case a CCTV protected house is targeted, the police can be provided with valuable evidence. Fitting in a burglar alarm is also a beneficial option. The alarm can be activated while owners go to sleep in a zone where burglars are more prone to plunder. Motion lights will alert anyone in a house, and even neighbors, to the presence of a thief. The last thing a thief needs is attention, so motion lights may be sufficient to make them change their purpose and run away.

Smart locks go a step beyond the traditional deadbolt, as they allow you to manage your lock remotely through a smartphone app. This ensures that the owner is not wondering whether they locked the door. It will also alert them whenever someone enters the door code. By thinking like a burglar and practicing enhanced technology to strengthen home security, homeowners can guard their belongings and protect their family from crime.