BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS V5 CNC Simplifies Programming for Machinists

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 7, 2016

CLEARWATER, FL: BobCAD-CAM, a designer of user-friendly and affordable CAD-CAM software, announces the release of BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS V5 CNC programming software to make programming quicker and easier for machinists. The latest version of the software includes more features, modules and overall system enhancements along with new add-on modules such as Mill Turn, a CAM programming product and BobART, a CAD application.

The Mill Turn module provides multitask CAM add-on that combines CNC programming functionality of both mill and lathe into a single streamlined C axis machining solution thereby enabling the multitask CNC (Computer Numeric Control)  software to deliver high performance features in a user-friendly interface to meet the complex programming demands of mill turn machining.

The BobART add-on module allows users to apply creative artwork to CNC manufactured parts. This artistic software lets users take a picture or drawing and convert it into relief model or vectorized geometry that can be machined by a CNC mill, router, water jet, laser, or burning machine. Users can open an image file and engrave, carve, or emboss with the help of the CAM programming. The company claims that the add-on module is a must have for industries that work with sign making, custom wood working, jewelry making, instrument machining, engraving work and mold making.

BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS V5 CNC programming software will be offered as a plug-in product for the SOLIDWORKS design software. It also features advanced surfacing capabilities, Dynamic Machining Strategies, a wizard driven interface, a realistic machine simulator and generates g-code programming. BobCAM will allow SOLIDWORKS users to apply CAM machining operations without leaving the SOLIDWORKS interface.

The developers of the software affirm that the improved surfacing tool paths, smarter hole making capabilities, more tool types and new tabbing options will increase control and reduce the amount of time machinists spend in programming CNC machines.

 “We gathered a lot of feedback as part of this build to find out what machinists felt was needed and where we could improve. We were able to roll out a lot of those key features in V5 and that the software should go a long way in making programming quicker and easier. It’s also great to introduce the new BobART package to give BobCAM users an artistic option and the Mill Turn add-on for handling the most complex of machining jobs,” says Greg Myers, Development Executive with BobCAD-CAM.