Milwaukee Instruments, MachineShop Partner for IoT Implementation in Water Application Management
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Milwaukee Instruments, MachineShop Partner for IoT Implementation in Water Application Management

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 22, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Water treatment management can be a complicated and inefficient process for industrial applications as it requires the combination of a number of physical and chemical processes to keep the water environment on application target. To improve the process of water analysis while boosting its efficiency, Milwaukee Instruments partners with MachineShop, an API-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider.

With the addition of MachineShop’s IoT platform into Milwaukee’s new web-enabled, digital controllers for water application management, analysis and management of water will become easier. The features of the controller include remote connectivity, an intuitive web portal, data filtering, business rules, alerting, reporting, and integrated billing features to give the customer total control and ownership of the water management application and all the underlying components and services.

REST APIs have emerged as the dominant and completely universal way through which applications, content and services interact over the Internet. MachineShop’s collection of hundreds of unique services with RESTful APIs helps in creating and integrating applications and solutions.

Milwaukee Instruments’ Black Box DL product line of digital Controllers gives total control over pH, Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) and temperature parameters which are monitored and controlled with ease through the Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) based central command unit.

The digital base unit provides the user with alerts and alarms by text and email as well as built in visual references, all of which is incorporated into the Wi-Fi interface giving the user the capability of IoT based units like Full-duplex data interaction from anywhere in the world through a web portal. Its historical data logging and snapshot feature provides extensive historical information that can be used to access analytical data as needed.

MachineShop’s API Platform

MachineShop Data Collection is a set of highly robust, scalable, near real-time services specifically designed for integration of Operational Transformation (OT) Systems and Devices to provide RESTful API interfaces including the ability to define, configure and receive information from the integrated systems and devices without the need to update or change the communications protocol. As information from various end points is consumed into MachineShop, it can be analyzed in real-time for specific events or conditions that may be of interest through Rules and Event Management services that allow control over the transition of inbound data into actionable information.

API Management is becoming an integral part of most enterprise solutions. MachineShop’s rich set of API Management services include the ability to meter and control usage information for potential monetization, as every transaction within MachineShop is tracked and recorded.

“We embraced the customer imperative for real-time data and remote monitoring. MachineShop’s middleware service not only allowed us total ownership of our application, but provided tremendous flexibility as we add advanced features in the future such as a multi-location/multi-unit enterprise management portal,” says Bryan Moore, General Manager at Milwaukee Instruments.