Capgemini Cloud Based Offering Boosts Network Security

By CIOReview | Friday, January 29, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Cyber security is vulnerable and its market is growing gigantically. Most of the organization focuses on Identity protection within online environment, especially with staff members and former staffs. In order to improve the security, Capgemini launched Identity as a Service (IaaS) cloud based offering.

According to the recent survey from PwC confirmed that 90 percent of large organizations and 74 percent of small organizations are affected. Cyber security breaches prevail in many organizations, one of the major threats in an organization is their own personnel and the way they log in. The vulnerability to fraud can be compounded because of the informal nature of the companies.

PwC survey affirms the source of crime against business is split between insiders and outsiders, and the survey confirmed 76 percent of insiders carry out the major crimes. Such crime can be protected by improving identity management of customers and employees.  By enhancing identity management, consumers and employees are offered flexibility to reach the data from any device via many different networks, applications, and multiple channels.

Capgemini uplifts network security by creating a new IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud-based offering to enhance identity management. With the aim of providing highly scalable service, integrating with identity governance, identity administration, risk-based authentication authorization the firm creates unified identity and access management (IAM) solution. Capgemini utilizes RSA through Lifecycle and Governance technology, providing access to the authorized users without compromising security, compliance or agility.

“With cyber security becoming increasingly complicated, companies and users are looking for simplicity without jeopardizing themselves or their data. When it comes to identity, one of the most fundamental security issues, services have traditionally been fragmented and overseen by multiple providers causing a disjointed user experience,” quotes Franck Greverie, Global Head of Cyber Security, Capgemini Group.