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Championing AI to Drive Construction Safety

By CIOReview | Friday, May 17, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Safety at the job site in the construction industry has always been an issue. A small slip anywhere could lead to damages or injuries. Traditionally, the workers are advised to keep an eye on the proceedings as well as their fellow workers to detect any discrepancies, but that does not guarantee safety. Due to the limitations, the construction industry has always had a more reactive stance towards security rather than a proactive one.

This issue of safety in the construction industry is now looking towards the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find solutions. Artificial intelligence allows tools like photo recognition, to gather site related data and sort through the photographs, videos, and other sources to label possible risks. With an increasing amount of data, the algorithms can increase the accuracy of predictions and minimize the risks. Contractors are increasingly opting for AI-driven safety setups. The ability of this to detect threats and improve itself over time lends the essential envelope of safety that is desirable in the construction industry.Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies

According to a study, a company that takes proactive measures can curb incidents by at least 85%. On the other hand, the companies that depend on past episodes of injuries or accidents have a much lesser probability of curbing further safety issues.  The nature of Artificial intelligence technology also enables the detection of trends. It can analyze all the data collected over a week or a month and draw simple conclusions like repetitive risks, or recurring issues to detect problems. Special attention to these specific issues can help address any imminent danger. Project Managers can hence, prioritize on the safety issues at hand. They can study the conclusive data from AI not just to understand risks but can also look at the practices that do not serve any real purpose in order to eliminate them.

The eagerness among the construction firms in applying AI to safety practices is growing along with bringing with itself, its own set of challenges. Deploying AI could mean an increase in investment towards the associated technological needs as well as logistics like cameras and other devices. However, overcoming the safety challenges should still be the priority in the long run. 

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