Chatbots and Assistants are Redefining the Future of Customer Experience
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Chatbots and Assistants are Redefining the Future of Customer Experience

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 22, 2018

With Artificial Intelligence gaining prominence, it is providing world-class customer experience with enormous benefits and ultra-fast services to its customers. Many forward-thinking enterprises are opting for conversational AI in their business investment to leverage its customer service function.

NLP-infused Chatbots and Intelligent Assistants

Whether it's a digital personal assistant on smartphone or chatbots on various platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat; the trend of Conversational AI is boosting the digital-savvy consumers.

NLP-Infused Chatbots are not merely viewed as a personal assistant; major giants who want to turbocharge their customer experience are increasingly adopting them. This is offering a conversational expertise amid the consumer and the brand, by ignoring the tedious path of mailing or dialing a customer care number. Since Chatbots use Natural Language Processing, it becomes more convenient to chat with customers thereby solving all their queries and providing them with the desired answers.

AI-powered bots are redefining the Customer experience

Customers get real-time solutions for their questions from these AI-Powered bots. Facebook with a partnership with 1-800-FLOWERS introduced a chatbot application wherein consumers could speak to a virtual agent via Facebook messenger and order flowers.

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Pros of Conversational AI

Here mentioned are specific potential business benefits offered by conversational AI:

1. Minimising Labor Costs: According to a report, after deploying chatbots and AI, a reduction of 29% in labor costs has been witnessed. Complete automation is not feasible currently, but automating a percentage of customer services can aid in significant savings.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience:  AI reaches masses and has a humongous data that can help organizations offer the right content to their digitally empowered customers. With improved customer intelligence, AI can optimize their product development and in return get a satisfying customer experience.

3. Reduced Reliance on Human Assistance: Before the arrival of AI, users were mostly dependent on human assistance and was a time-consuming and labor-intensive affair. But now users are interacting with multiple apps rather than numerous human assistants, thereby reducing reliance on human assistance.


The expectations from AI is sky-high, and it has simplified various customer-related queries. Hence businesses are adopting the advanced technologies to stay competitive and ahead in the race. Conversational AI has become the new edge which has brought a significant amount of transformation in customer engagement. The advancement and adoption of Bots indicate that they are here to stay and revolutionize the customer experience in multiple ways.