Collier Research Launches HyperSizer Express in an Easy-to-Use Package

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 9, 2016

NEWPORT, VA: Collier Research, a manufacturer of aerospace composites and metals optimization, has launched HyperSizer Express, an easy to use laminate optimization software.

According to Collier Research, users can import their finite element model (FEM) into Express without any need for manual or instruction. They can also generate optimum composite laminates that satisfy all analyses to all load cases within thirty minutes. Users just have to import their FEM and the software will guide them through a process to generate global plies according to manufacturability rules and failure analysis checks.

“You don’t have to put in constraints or minimum/maximize values. You just say, ‘I want to make this out of carbon fibre’, or ‘I want to make this out of fiberglass’, and the software will show you the optimum solution based on your FEM,” says Craig Collier, Founder and President of Collier Research.

The new software offers the composite engineer an easy to use software interface along with robust optimization for strength, stability and stiffness. HyperSizer Express’ applications include: Sporting Goods— Bike Frames, snowboards, tennis racquets; Automotive— Doors, trunks, hoods, body panels, floor panels, body in white; Medical— Orthopedic prostheses; Industrial— Robotic end effectors; Marine— Yachts, sailboats, Wind Energy— Turbine blades and Aerospace— Seats, doors, winglets, and flaps.

Moreover, Express also delivers capabilities for metals optimization. “You can quickly identify the performance with a different metal, such as aluminum or steel,” concludes Collier.