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Content Marketing - An Effective Way for Business Growth

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Content marketing can be an extremely efficient way to grow a presence online for businesses for all sizes. It will even help in drawing potential customers and position a brand a reliable and trustworthy way. If handled correctly, content marketing is a front runner in the digital marketing space. It is affordable, easy to implement and highly valuable.

These are five tips for businesses that are new to content marketing:

Beef up product descriptions

In case it is an e-commerce operation or otherwise feature descriptions of products, explanations are necessarily needed. Buyers don't have much else to go on, without a way to physically evaluate the products when weighing you against competitors.

• Create purchaser personas to target your key demographic to emphasize the right selling points.

 • Use of superlatives should be justified; terms like 'amazing' or 'incredible' shouldn't be thrown without being able to back up these claims.

• Inspire imagination for the shoppers to visualize the products and opportunities available.

• If possible incorporate social proof, give reviews on third-party sites or features in news publications.

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Create a dedicated landing page

Send customers who find the brand through social media posts, Google Ads, or email marketing messages to the homepage. Though dedicated landing pages are occasionally useful, it is a better way to convert leads and generate positive attention.

Lean into Email

Email campaigns are the best way to keep in contact with your current and prospective customers. It is straightforward, secure and efficient, keeping in touch over email. It can keep the brand front and center. When crafting email messages, always start with an exceptional line offering a specific look into the content of the word.

Employ Modern Keyword Techniques

Keyword usage is viewed as an old-school approach to SEO to some marketers. In some ways, it might be accurate, but that doesn't mean keywords aren't a vital part f nailing a strong ranking in the SERPs.

• Keyword strategy should be aligned with the overall content strategy.

• Keywords should focus on what the competitor is ranking for.

• Just like grouping content clusters, do the same with keywords.

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Develop Dedicated Strategies

A dedicated approach is a big part of genuinely seeing success with all areas in the market. Blogging, social media posts, email marketing, and beefing up keywords can undoubtedly generate results.

Content market is not an easy task to handle, but it has excellent returns on investments and plenty of opportunities. Content can help a business grow in many ways, whether it is product description or keyword usage.