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Conversations to Market: Podcasts Present Companies with New Opportunities

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 4, 2019

Creating informative podcasts for marketing can help companies enhance brand value and garner valuable attention.

FREMONT, CA: The medium of podcasts for marketing with digital audio files has persistently been one of the most favored marketing tools for companies. Conversations are a great way to attract and engage customers, and podcasting takes advantage of this fact. These days, podcasts are available as a series of audio files on the internet. The audience can subscribe to podcasts and download them for listening. The popularity of smartphones and functional internet connectivity is making podcasts even more potent for marketing.

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Not every company has the equipment or wish to create videos for marketing. Podcasts are an effective alternative that companies can use in such cases. Audio creation requires fewer logistics and investment making them a good option for companies that have limitations. A microphone and good headphones are sufficient to create a podcast. There is no requirement of proper cameras, technicians, and lighting arrangements, as in the case of videos.

Podcasts help companies reach out to new groups of audiences and make them familiar with their products and services. Good content in podcasts will ensure that one group of audience promotes it among other groups, leading to an increase in traffic on the company’s websites. Audio content that is informative but does not lead to information overload has a good chance of being appreciated by the audience.


Podcasts can generate a connection between the audience and the company. The medium is such that people ultimately end up relating to the speakers and trusting them. Companies can take advantage of the resulting rapport to convert the audience into loyal customers. The speaker also gets an excellent chance to develop interaction and speaking skills. Oratory skills and the ability to convince an audience subtly are valuable in business.

The multiple channels available at a company’s disposal, like social media platforms, can be used for spreading the word about podcasts. The right promotional strategies can create wonders for podcast based marketing’s success.

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