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DataStax Includes Graph Database to its Enterprise Product Suite

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 20, 2016

DatabaseFREMONT, CA: DataStax, a provider of database software for cloud applications announces the incorporation of graph database in the core architecture of its enterprise product, Apache Cassandra. DataStax Enterprise Graph includes a set of products such as DataStax Studio for graph visualization, DataStax Drivers providing support for various languages, DataStax Enterprise Server for the graph database component and DataStax OpsCenter for the management piece. In addition to key-value, tabular and JSON/document, the database also offers customers an integrated and innovative graph option for the first time. The release of the product was done after working closely with 10 beta customers like Linkurious, Kaiser Permanente and Cambridge Intelligence.

The efficiency of a graph database is characterized with the combination of functions such as search, advanced analytics and real-time indexing. As each set of requirements are solved by separate solutions, users need to manage and keep all of these separate solutions in a synchronized manner, thereby increasing time to market and the total cost of ownership. With DataStax Enterprise, the abilities required to design a modern cloud application are vertically integrated, i.e. users need to write the data once, and it can be accessed via graph, search, and analytics in real-time.

The new database is built on top of the Titan graph database, which was open source and originally developed by Aurelius. The product is compatible with Titan, allowing Titan users to migrate their existing application code to the latest graph database with minor or zero modifications. The design is also inspired by the Titan, but includes improved functionalities by integrating with Cassandra. The integration triggers remarkable improvements such as additional commercial software functionality and automatic data consistency.