Delta Promoted its Smart Grid Products at DistribuTECH Orlando

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 24, 2016

Orlando, FL: In the recently held conference and exhibition conducted by DistribuTech at Orlando, Delta Energy & Communications—an energy analytics solutions provider—showcased its products under its smart-grid network. The company re-branded the software and hardware solutions making up its Delta’s Smart Grid Network (DSGN). Participants at the event had a first look on the new products showcased by Delta Energy.

Before the event, Scott Foster, Founder and President, Delta Energy & Communications said that the event rendered an opportunity to have constructive discussions with the industry’s significant players. “We are ecstatic to show DistribuTECH attendees the powerful solutions that make up our DSGN.”

Predictive cost forecasting, system efficiency enhancement, enhanced revenue obtainment, and more can be accomplished by leveraging Delta’s software and hardware products, which allow utilities to organize unstructured data in their network. Attendees were able to see and understand each of Delta’s software and hardware solutions and the company’s first deployments at the DistribuTECH Orlando event. The solution includes HyperSprout hardware, DataVINE enabled smart meter, DataScape software platform, and PowerVISR software, all of which are patent pending.

HyperSprout hardware was called as the Intelligent Transformer Module (iTM), previously. It enables power flow investigation and localized data aggregation while setting up data capture and delivery capability, wherever there is power.

Delta’s DataVINE enabled smart meter comprises a ubiquitous mesh network facilitating commercial metering and automated residential while deploying an alternative data delivery capability. DataVINE was antecedently called as the Intelligent Advanced Metering Infrastructure (iAMI).

DataScape software platform is a flagship product of Delta; formerly, it was called as the Intelligent Distribution Analytics Platform (iDAP). It provides an across-the-board analysis of all grid parameters and realizing an inclusive geo-spatial understanding of utility operations.

The latest product of Delta is the PowerVISR software. Along with deploying a virtual utility, the software allows for augmented reality field investigation, servicing, and interaction.