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Driving enterprise growth with AI-enabled ERP systems

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 21, 2018

In the 21st century, artificial intelligence (AI) has expanded its scope way beyond simple smart-phone usage and straight into the realm of enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology. For quite some time now, industry experts have always been fascinated by the use of AI in the world of enterprise technology. With outstanding capabilities and efficiency, artificial intelligence has optimized system operating models and transformed business processes all across the digital world. In the past, with limited technology and undeveloped tools, AI functionalities were hard and expensive to control. Additionally, most software companies did not possess the skill set or the workforce to construct AI algorithms. But those times have changed. Today we see every software vendor incorporating AI functions into enterprise resource planning software, and IT companies refurbishing their strategies to evaluate the implication of AI-ERP integration. The AI enabled ERP software can streamline routine tasks, reduce operating expenses, and eliminate human errors. Artificial intelligence can learn processes and improve the overall competency and effectiveness of a business while ERP software assist businesses uncover large amounts of structured data. This goes a long way in impacting the core of an enterprise’s business processes.

However, it is not easy to convert a large amount of uncovered data into something meaningful. The fast-paced competition between different cloud vendors opens windows for software vendors to incorporate complex algorithms into their ERP software for handling larger sets of data. With AI-enabled ERP software, the massive amounts of uncovered data are complemented with adequate storage capacity for optimized business processes and routine tasks. The effectiveness of the enterprise can be enhanced as the focus shifts toward logical, analytical, and creative tasks. In a nutshell, AI-enabled ERP systems liberate employees from monotonous interactions, initiating intelligent and self-driving business operations. To make things simpler and interactive, AI-enabled ERP software can be embedded into an enterprise application in the form of a digital assistant (DA). This acquires and sources information from the main ERP system and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to assist technicians in detecting the root cause for a maintenance issue. With AI revolutionizing the ERP software landscape, the potential of AI-enabled ERP software is yet to be documented. Its data mining and self-learning capabilities coupled with automation of ERP can bring about an incredible growth to any enterprise. In the end, the main objective of any enterprise is to maintain AI as their primary focus to enhance business operations and serve their customers better.