EnterpriseDB Upgrades its PostgreSQL with Enhanced Productivity and Data Analytics

By CIOReview | Friday, January 8, 2016

BEDFORD, MA: EnterpriseDB, a provider of Postgres database solutions, introduces version 9.5 of its PostgreSQL with improved performance, scalability and enhanced integration with other database solutions to support horizontal scaling across multiple servers.

EnterpriseDB’s PostgreSQL is an advanced open source database with ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) compliance for transaction reliability and multi version concurrency control for supporting higher loads. Supporting over 12 procedural languages and spatial data, PostgreSQL is highly extensible and provides multiple NoSQL-like features for value based applications.

The upgraded version of PostgreSQL supports greater data volume with higher optimization of locking regime in shared buffers resulting in increased performance. It also features expanded concurrent locking, buffer mapping and prefix sorting that will boost performance and scalability. The inclusion of FDW (Foreign Data Wrappers) feature, IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA, automates importing of schemas from external databases connected to PostgreSQL through FDWs that help in accessing data across multiple servers.

PostgreSQL 9.5 includes a new indexing type, BRIN (Block Range Index) for small indexes using metadata to describe a range of information. With a trio of analytic features of grouping sets, cubes, rollup, large amounts of data across different dimensions can be summarized allowing businesses to produce more tailored results. Moreover, PostgreSQL adds UPSERT that enables database developers to handle conflicts between concurrent data changes. Expanding database security levels with new Row Level Security feature, PostgreSQL implements data access control integrating external label based security stacks.

"EDB's contributions to the Postgres Community during this development cycle have focused heavily on performance and scalability. PostgreSQL 9.5 provides significant scalability enhancements that benefit our large enterprise and government customers, since they run on high core count servers that support large numbers of concurrent users and mission-critical applications," said Marc Linster, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Products and Services at EnterpriseDB.