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Flowfabric and ORTEC Teamed Up

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 12, 2016

FREMONT, CA: FlowFabric, developer of business applications has acceded into a partnership with ORTEC. Being the first Mendix partner of ORTEC, FlowFabric offers a unique proposal. FlowFabric improves its Mendix solutions using the ORTEC Field Service solution. Recognizing the well-informed designed algorithms from ORTEC, FlowFabric can encourage optimized planning of issues at customers. The partnership delivers the speedy development of the business applications mixed with ORTEC’s expertness in decision theory applications. The partnership will be a potential solution for planning issues of B2B and B2C organizations using one integrated solution.

FlowFabric had acknowledged that additional intelligence was needed for the automation of an extended planning subject. Challenges involved the smart coordination of high numbers of orders, employees, customers, and specific points. This leaded to the partnership. Its durability and effectiveness was showcased in 2015 with process optimization projects in the installation, construction, and energy sectors. Meantime, FlowFabric and ORTEC have productively achieved a B2C planning challenge during which ‘time slot booking’ was a component of a smart solution. This entails that the consumer can schedule appointments in person through a portal in an effective and customer friendly manner with the enterprise.

“We are delighted to consider FlowFabric amongst our partners,” says Bart Veeke, Business Unit Manager of the Workforce division, ORTEC. “Our areas of expertness pat each other’s backs perfectly. The expertise combines with a decent cultural fit has furnished a firm foundation for the strategic partnership. FlowFabric has a unique expertise in apprehending complex processes and, with the aid of the Mendix development platform, is capable of developing business applications rapidly. FlowFabric recognizes that decision theory applications are essential while optimizing processes. FlowFabric is distinctly at the vanguard with this vision and apprehension. The partnership in the arena of field service optimization is the beginning of a further mix of strengths in order to create attractive business cases at our clients.”