Gamification Changing the Course of Employee Engagement
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Gamification Changing the Course of Employee Engagement

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Gamification is the concept of digital motivation through gaming that plays on the psychology that drives human engagement. To build up the users’ motivation, it uses regular and consistent positive feedback in the form of points, badges, status, and progression to drive the idea of competing, improving, and getting instant rewards for doing so. By making difficult tasks and challenges simpler either through practice or by reducing the activation threshold of the targeted behavior, gamification invariably increases the perceived ability of users. Without changing the basic nature of the task itself, it offers employers a new avenue for motivating or compensating employees. Gamification enhances productivity and employees’ feelings about the workplace by engaging and motivating them to change behaviors, develop skills, and accordingly solve problems without additional compensation of resources. Significant improvements in short-term engagement are quite noticeable even when the initial gamification designs often rely on simplistic reward approach.

From inventory management to product development to ultimately improving sales with proper teamwork, using games to learn new skills engages the employee to enjoy his work and hence enhances retention and overall results. Bringing in the team spirit by collaborating with other players and working as a team to complete tasks gives the satisfaction of teamwork while badges motivate employees for healthy competition. Leaderboards keep the competitive spirit running while giving others the chance to perform better by leveling up their competencies. Making the corporate goal visible through the gamification platform and earning rewards for completing goals is an excellent way of motivating the employees. This approach of breaking the monotonous, mundane routine into an exciting fun filled enrollment improves the employee engagement.

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