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Gemalto Delivers Advanced Level of Digital Security for Industrial IoT and Connected Machine Solutions

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 30, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Gemalto - a provider of digital security software, devices and services- launches Cinterion Secure Element, a tamper resistant hardware component embedded in Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial connected equipment and machines to deliver smart card level digital security and device lifecycle management.

The Cinterion Secure Element works with any vertical market application including connected cars, smart grids and smart city solutions to help secure the entire IoT ecosystem. Ruggedized for reliability and longevity in the extreme environmental conditions, the component protects ensures data storage in a safe place with access granted only to authorized applications and people.

Secure Element provides management of security credentials, software updates and evolving security capabilities across the lifecycle of solutions. Being the foundation of advanced end-to-end security architecture, it protects data integrity and defends against cyber attacks.Automakers have already begun integrating Gemalto's Cinterion Secure Element in advanced security architecture by design.

"Gemalto's Security by Design approach and suite of M2M optimized solutions - including the Secure Element - provide end-to-end protection from the edge to the core. Security and trust among all types of connected objects such as cars, traffic lights or intelligent road systems, will enable a whole realm of innovations in the IoT ecosystem," says Laetitia Jay, Vice President of M2M Solutions and Services, Gemalto.