GeoDecisions Releases Enhanced Traffic Data System for Pennsylvania Department of Transport

By CIOReview | Friday, February 12, 2016

HARRISBURG, PA: GeoDecisions, a provider of geospatial solutions announces the development of a new traffic data system (TDS) for the Pennsylvania Department of Transport (PennDOT) to better manage the download of traffic data from collection sites. The latest system is built on the Eris platform and processes more than 275 Mn new records per month.

The redesigned TDS is built on Federal Highway Administration standards, providing PennDOT a method to seamlessly introduce new counting devices, speed up the process of creating annual traffic volume maps and verify raw traffic data more efficiently. It also improves the supervision of vehicles, record traffic volume and weight, and determines driving speed. The system consists of mobile Field Operations Module (FOM), which streamlines in-pavement counter inventory and maintenance activities. “FOM enables PennDOT field technicians to use smart phones or tablets to perform site reviews and document issues, providing convenience and efficiency that are critical factors when enhancing technology and managing assets,” says Greg Ulp, Senior Project Manager, GeoDecisions.

TDS redesign features five modules that are well organized for better performance and usability. The automated system includes remote user access and cutting-edge geographic information system (GIS) mapping, web service, database, and coding technologies unlike the previous traffic data management system of PennDOT which required manual intervention to collect and verify information.

“PennDOT’s redesigned TDS is a long-term collection, verification, and geospatial solution that reflects their ongoing enterprise GIS investment strategy. Our transportation system solutions provide a proven business model for analytics, reporting, reliability, and technology workflow management,” says Tom Saltzer, VP of Government Delivery, GeoDecisions.