GoAnywhere Endeavors More Secure Access with Radius and RSA SecurID Technology

By CIOReview | Monday, April 4, 2016

FREMONT, CA:RSA Ready certified partner, Linoma Software, has announced the inclusion of RADIUS and RSA SecurID technology to GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer, enabling integration for organizations using RSA authentication protocols for administrator and user access. RSA SecurID with GoAnywhere MFT works to securely validate authorized identities and enable non-repudiable access to servers, data and file sharing using key fobs or token apps.

The authentication provided by RSA SecurID enables organizations to resolve the issue of weak passwords to disable unauthorized access to confidential data.

GoAnywhere MFT integrated with RADIUS and RSA SecurID, will raise the bar of security offerings and provide a simplified user experience, and also improved efficiency of identity and access management across the board, envisages Linoma Software. “Security is paramount to our company. The extremely high level of access security that RADIUS and RSA SecurID provides enabled it to incorporate with GoAnywhere MFT to counteract evolving security threats,” said Bob Luebbe, President and Chief Architect at 

GoAnywhere MFT configure authentic methods per user using LDAP, Active Directory and IBM i. System administrators are now enabled to setup RADIUS (RSA SecurID) login method used by Admin Users, Web Users or as a second login step for Web Users. The complementary features in GoAnywhere MFT features RSA SecurID Authentication using RADIUS protocol and IPv6 simultaneous to On-Demand Authentication via RADIUS protocol. Existing RSA SecurID customers can now easily integrate their RSA Authentication Manager with GoAnywhere.