GoodData and Absolutdata Join Hands to Deploy Distributed Analytics Solutions
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GoodData and Absolutdata Join Hands to Deploy Distributed Analytics Solutions

By CIOReview | Monday, April 4, 2016

NASHVILLE, TN: GoodData and Absolutdata have recently announced their collaboration which will concentrate on hospitality solutions with the help of GoodData’s analytics distribution platform.

The incorporation of GoodData’s analytics-distribution technology and Absolutdata’s depth in big data expertise will assist hospitality industry enterprises in leveraging advanced analytics. This in turn will elevate customer booking and loyalty, maximize ROI for business procedures, reduce waste, and enhance sustainability.

GoodData focuses on providing Business Intelligence (BI) for data monetization in enterprises and ISVs, whereas Absolutdata renders big data analytics consulting services to organizations globally. Both the companies aim to empower in integration of large amount of data dynamically from all possible systems and sources to deduct expenses that aren’t required. They will help in coming up with better management decisions across properties as well.

“With so much underutilized data available to hospitality sales and customer experience teams, it’s imperative for them to implement the distribution of meaningful analytics to enable them to understand and act on business KPIs,” said GoodData Founder and CEO Roman Stanek. “Absolutdata’s industry expertise, along with our platform, is a powerful and proven combination enabling hospitality leaders to address competitive pressures and consumer preferences.”

Anil Kaul, Founder and CEO, Absolutdata said that “We are focused on helping hospitality teams modernize their operations with advanced analytics. GoodData is the ideal platform to bring disparate data together and distribute at scale to business network stakeholders. Hospitality customers can now reach deeper into their vast amounts of data, and benefit from more advanced analytics without the extra time and cost typical of more advanced projects.”

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