Hibernia Network Reduces Latency on Hibernia Express with Innovative Backhaul Infrastructure
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Hibernia Network Reduces Latency on Hibernia Express with Innovative Backhaul Infrastructure

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 22, 2016

DUBLIN: Hibernia Networks, the global high speed telecommunications solutions provider, has acquired alternative backhaul infrastructure to further decrease latency performance on Hibernia Express, the transatlantic cable route that connects New York to London. Hibernia Express supports 100Gpbs transmission capability that can scale up to 400Gbps and beyond with its lowest latency services. The transatlantic cable system enhances state-of-the-art optical technology and routing design for upsurge performance.

With cutting-edge radio frequency transmission technology and an innovative route design, Hibernia Networks is set to reduce latency from 58.95ms to 44.92ms. By leveraging the network performance, Hibernia Networks pioneers in providing the lowest latency service across transatlantic part of the globe.“Hibernia Networks has demonstrated a commitment to innovating latency performance on the key routes connecting the major financial exchanges,” says Dan Connell, Managing Director, Market Structure and technology at Greenwich Associates. “Financial firms rely on leading edge network providers like Hibernia Networks to ensure they are trading on the most current market information.”

In order to lower the latency on the industry leading route, Hibernia Networks has secured alternative backhaul routes in the United Kingdom as a part of its phase one deployment.  Customers spanning across various industries such as financial firms to content providers and web-centric companies to telecom service providers, rely on ultra low latency services on the transatlantic route for mission critical applications. Hibernia is redefining and pushing the boundaries of lowest latency services with its backhaul infrastructure.

“At Hibernia Networks we are unwavering in our commitment to provide the industry leading network performance that our most demanding customers entrust us to deliver,” states Omar Altaji, CCO of Hibernia Networks. “Customers rely on our low latency, high capacity connectivity solutions to ensure their ability to stay competitive in today’s networked world.”

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