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How AI is Aiding Greater Extract in Mining Industry

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The development of machine learning and AI is leading to the construction of safer mines, lower environmental impacts, increased profits, and reducing human life risk.

FREMONT, CA: The combination of terms like AI and mining might be hinting towards the extraction of information from data. However, in this case, it applies to data intelligence usage in mining industries, where resources are being extracted from mother earth.

Humans have come a long way from physical and animal labor in mines to modern machine-intensive mines. The mining industry is a long chain of business starting from constructing the mine, extracting resources from deep beneath to the surface, transportation, refining, and ultimately transporting to end-user in the form required and is quite a complicated, time-consuming system and cost-intensive business.

Artificial intelligence comes to mitigate both time and cost as it increases profit and environment safety.

Improving resource discovery and planning with AI

The site of mine construction is the first step for setting up any mining industries, and to save initial investments, precisely locating the site is a pre-requisite. Here comes the role of AI in finding potential sites for valuable deposits. AI can process a vast amount of data, an innumerable number of geological maps of specific terrain in locating the best possible drilling site. One mistake in the mining industry can lead to a loss of billions of dollars. Thus, the usage of AI mitigates the possibilities of such errors. The development of pattern matching, predictive analysis, 3d- modeling can increase output, reduce expenses and waste.

Intelligent drones and autonomous machines

Sometimes it is useful to visualize a system from the sky rather than from the ground. Drones can scrutinize various mining operations aspects with a constant watch from the top of the wastes disposal systems and pipeline infrastructures. Drone imagery helps to understand the environmental impact by continually monitoring the changes in the local ecosystem.

The mining industry is delving into more hostile environments, which has led to a reduction in physical labor and an increase in remotely automated and autonomous machines. Such equipment reduces human life risk, increases output, increases regular inspection.

Decreasing environmental impact with AI

Mining comes with the destruction of the environment and the local ecosystem; however, it can be significantly reduced with AI usage.

Cameras and sensors are placed in different parts around the mine for constant surveillance. Such devices maintain a database regarding mining activities and mining environments, enabling them to instantly analyze any perturbation occurring in any process and make an alternative decision.