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How Can Businesses Gain more Online Shoppers?

By CIOReview | Monday, February 17, 2020

To trigger the chances of success, businesses can partner with a reliable eCommerce development organization to deliver every possible feature.

FREMONT, CA: The eCommerce competition is tough; therefore, businesses need to add more digital flair in the way they perform to out-think rivals. The eCommerce development service providers recommend a few methods of retaining existing clients, as well as winning some new ones:

Moving to Transactional Social Media:

When the traditional tried-and-tested methods fail, businesses need to offer new and commercially viable opportunities to the customers. In such cases, they can make use of influential social media hype and let the users carry out their purchases on the pages of their platforms. It will help the brands to have better customer growth and will also give the shoppers an extra layer of comfort. Besides, they can also utilize AR lenses, which enable the customers to try different products on them like makeup and clothes, and redirect them to the checkout page to complete the transaction.

Automating Product Description:

A massive amount of data management tasks, which is running an online store, makes digital commerce an ideal candidate for artificial intelligence. AI-driven copywriting tools can lend a hand in easing a lot of manual efforts, as it can automate the process of generating millions of engaging, keyword-rich catalog descriptions in multiple languages. When it comes to machine-based content creation, AI will require structured product data and exclusive description samples that are penned by humans. Moreover, the process enormously saves time, enhances productivity, improves product discovery with automatic narratives, helps in boosting customer experience, and augments conversions.

Innovating Product Delivery:

Businesses must acquire the benefit of using drone technology to make the 30-minute parcel delivery their key feature, while the oppositions are busy making money from conventional methods, such as transporting orders. In order to ensure product safety during transportation, businesses can use the best of software and hardware technology, having water-resistant abilities and withstanding adverse weather conditions as well. Companies can also improve the functioning of drones with advanced AI abilities to have automatic loading and unloading, easier identification of static and moving objects around them, execution of auto-return-home orders, and more.

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