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How can IoT Improve Personal Accounting?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Shared data and connected reality has the capability of changing the everyday reality which included personal finances as well. IoT will progress to make the experience with finance more safe and customized.

FREMONT, CA: Connected systems and shared data have started to impact daily lives at a rapid pace. The everyday life of ordinary people has changed due to the widespread use of the Internet of Things. There is one area where connected systems have affected more than any other, and it is personal finances. Introducing IoT in personal finances have made the experience safer, smarter, and customized.

Three ways in which IoT have changed the world of financial business

1. More Data Means Better Decision-Making

Personal finance stays limited to the information that can be gathered by us. Recently gathering information has become more manageable as it can be obtained from home or mobile banking, card summaries, or expense control applications.

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Personal finances are constrained to the Data that can only be assembled personally. Presently, for every individual, it has become easy to gain information about their financial status because of home or mobile banking, card summaries, or expense control applications. Worldwide with the massive deployment of sensors in the devices, it will become easy to collect data about everyday lives.

According to researchers, it will soon be possible for vehicle or smartphone sensors to provide insurance carriers with information regarding the history of a vehicle and also its driver.

2. Personalized Customer Service

Based on past activities or purchases, companies will get to know about the personal choices of every individual and can offer their products or friendly greeting based on it. Due to the customer's service bots, it gets easier for any business to know about the choices of a customer, and they can take actions accordingly.

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If the trend of chatbot usage continues, the bots might treat people as close friends based on the information they have already gathered from the company.

There is no doubt that connected networks and shared data have the full potential of changing daily reality, which includes personal finances. IoT can bring development in the world of personal finances to makes the experience of a customer safe and smart.