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How is AI Altering the Trade Equations?

By CIOReview | Monday, July 15, 2019

With massive data being produced by companies, opportunities to augment trade with AI expands from Proactive Supply Chains Capabilities, Enhancing Compliance, Smarter Contracts, and Improved Access to Trade Financing.

FREMONT, CA: Increasingly the enterprises are incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze data and learn from it. With massive data being produced by companies, there are several opportunities to augment trade processes with AI.

Here are the ways in which international trade is benefitting from the technology…

•  Proactive Supply Chains

The supply chain is highly dependent on data across various stages. Whether it’s online order, warehouse packing slip data, or freight scans, information forms an integral part of such operations.

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Such insights can significantly streamline supply chain processes. The in-depth analysis makes it is easier to understand consumer behavior and can predict order shortages in the near future. They can also estimate the cheapest and fastest shipping routes and forecast order cancellations. Thus an AI equipped supply chain is a proactive supply chain which is agile and can offset the aftermaths of disruptions significantly.

•  Enhancing Compliance

Owing to the restrictions that are constantly evolving, compliance is a time-consuming challenge for the companies. But it cannot be avoided either as the enterprises must know about their partners, suppliers or be watchful against those who violate trade restrictions. Though softwares are there to aid with the compliance it is still not foolproof. With its learning capabilities, AI improves compliance software by offsetting the number of false negatives and positives.

•  Smarter Contracts

Trading involves numerous contracts. Though the contracts consume time and money to formulate, they are often neglected until the parties encounter a problem. AI enables the transformation of trade documents into a useful and comprehensible brochure that allows the businesses to operate efficiently, without the risk of legal anomalies.

•  Improved Access to Trade Financing

AI has immense potential in its ability to facilitate the financing of trade-based businesses. Almost 80 percent of the companies who are a part of international trade enjoy the benefit of financing. However, it’s a tedious task for the companies as several banks are hesitant to lend to traders owing to the overheads involved in trade regulation compliance.

Thus some financial institutions leverage AI platforms to analyze compliance and offer more financing choices to international businesses.

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