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How Is AI Disrupting the Digital Marketing Sector?

By CIOReview | Friday, November 16, 2018

Artificial Intelligence and digital marketing have become the talk of the town and are trending and making immense news in distinct fields with its demands. With the ability to gather data, analyze it, apply it and then comprehend it, AI is working towards transforming the digital strategies.  Here are three ways in which AI is disrupting the digital marketing sector.

1.  User Experience

The most crucial aspect of a successful digital marketing campaign is an excellent customer experience. If the content delivered to users is relevant to them, they would more likely become recurring customers and have brand loyalty. AI can help with its ability to collect data and decide which content is more applicable based on numerous factors like past behavior, historical data, and location.

For retail, AI is a game changer for revolutionizing the shopping experiences with the advancement of technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) where users can have a knowledge of trying that product even before making a purchase. Customers can try an outfit before making a purchase thereby leading to less dissatisfaction, lower returns, and higher engagement online.

Voice search is also an added advantage in the digital marketing strategy that can help get faster results. Organizations can coincide with virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Home, and Siri which can help organizations to move their brand to the first result on a voice search.

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2.  Predictive Consumer Behavior

Along with personalizing a customer experience on past behavior, AI can also predict behavior for new and existing users.  By collecting second and third-party data, AI can gather information about the users from various sources and not just in just one session on your site.

AI is continually gathering, analyzing and interpreting data to get more insight and use it more efficiently. With new algorithms, the time, accuracy of client journey will get more efficient and aid in determining sales forecasting and ROI so that a business can provide the best experience to their customers and the correct tools in helping in the growth of an enterprise.

3.  Real-time Customer Support

One thing that customers get lured in an excellent digital experience is quick resolutions and response. With the advent of Chatbots, AI can deliver responses in real time. Social media giant Facebook is using chatbot for Facebook pages to enhance customer service. These bots are available 24X7 thereby reducing the waiting time of consumers and increasing their satisfaction level.

Artificial Intelligence will grow and improve in the coming years ahead. Therefore, implementing AI into digital marketing strategy will help customers have a better and lasting experience and thereby assisting the organizations to get the insights it needs to succeed.

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