How is AI Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Engagement?
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How is AI Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Engagement?

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 22, 2018

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most transformative and disruptive innovation so far. After years of hype and disappointment, AI has managed to provide unprecedented opportunities for companies and investors. AI has been perceived as a useful technology and is yet to grow more in popularity. AI has entered the world of businesses and is responding to queries, nurturing leads and is also managing complex data.

AI and Customer Experience

One of the essential areas wherein AI is being applied is customer experience, and the most crucial area to grow any business is data and the ability to use it in a productive and cost-effective way. AI can help online businesses to flourish in a range of styles and can also be used in customer service like chatbots to respond to queries and provide relevant information. Let’s have a look at a few ways in which AI drives customer experience.

• Immediate and appropriate use of data: The data gathered from visitors on a site or customers with previous purchase patterns or browsing behavior is infinite today. Therefore, this vast pool of information available has to be used at the right time in the right place.

Relying on manual analysis to comprehend the available data is time-consuming and also consumes a substantial amount of efforts. Here comes the use of AI which gives businesses the opportunity of improving customer experience by using real-time insights to provide real-time solutions to the customers.

Analytics is one major area for any businesses as they provide a quantitative perspective on the market and show what works and what could be at risk. AI simplifies this and offers an immediate response to the business and the customers.

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• Making Predictions: Another area where AI can dominate well is by providing businesses with predictive personalization and altogether a completely individual customer experience based on the user’s behavior and specific interests.

For instance, AI enables businesses to spot a shopper who was on the site yesterday and returned today and thereby personalize their experience based on their search the previous time. This strategy is helpful as it shows the user’s next step by showing them exactly what they need.

• Being humans whenever required: Customer experience is not only about purchases. Chatbots now can understand and respond to human emotions. The can show sympathy and other human traits that are highly demanding in the customer communication process; this increases the level of comfort and smoothens the process.

The long waiting time and unpleasant experience of asking questions from an employee are now being substituted with the use of AI. Pre-coded machines can now have conversations and answer complex queries in a quick and friendly manner.

The evolution of AI is inevitable and is turning out to be beneficial for businesses in the long run. Customer satisfaction is now obtaining a whole new level, where users receive what they desire at a single glance, and companies make use of this opportunity in the best possible way.

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