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How is Conversational AI Redefining Marketing?

By CIOReview | Friday, December 6, 2019
FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence has been highly impactful across several industries, and the marketing industry is no different. Marketers are now able to enhance conversational marketing with the help of AI. Traditionally, conversational marketing meant dependence on marketing staff to reach out to potential customers through various communication channels. With conversational AI, bots are being empowered to connect and interact with customers. The potential of using conversational bots for marketing purposes has gained momentum with rapid technological advancements and the easy availability of bot-building platforms. According to several reports, the popularity of conversational marketing is continuously growing. By leveraging conversational AI, marketers can unlock several advantages in marketing.

• Supporting Marketing Personnel

Conversational AI helps enhance the potential of marketing. The traditional dependence on marketing staff can be reduced with AI-backed conversational tools. While marketing personnel has always essayed an important role until now, the cognitive power of AI-backed systems is increasing. Companies can take advantage of these developments to create a balanced marketing strategy with AI complementing the staff in making conversational marketing better.

• Full-Time Availability

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Unlike marketing professionals, conversational bots don’t tire out. As a result, marketing gets a boost from consistent performance round-the-clock. Regardless of the time of the day, conversational AI is ready to deliver high-standard marketing support through channels preferred by customers. According to a survey report, 90 percent of consumers want to stay connected to businesses through chats. Conversational AI allows precisely that.

• Intelligent and Context-based Marketing

The growing use of apps and resulted in a high demand for internet-based conversational marketing. AI bots that are designed for the purpose of marketing can be easily integrated into apps, as well as online platforms. These bots provide scopes for effective conversational marketing. As AI gets advanced, conversational bots are becoming intelligent. Today, bots provide personalized experiences without any human intervention.

As bots get better at understanding the intent, conversational AI will become even more powerful. By combining recorded data, analytical insights, and current factors, conversational AI bots will add a lot of value to modern marketing capabilities.

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