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How SMS Marketing Platforms Benefit Companies

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 4, 2021

The demand for SMS marketing platforms is on the rise among companies as it helps them connect with more customers at a limited time. 

FREMONT, CA : Businesses are increasingly adopting SMS marketing platforms to connect with their consumers and reach out to new target markets. The various advantages of SMS marketing make it the chosen mode of communication for all companies.

According to one of the most detailed studies to date, nearly 60 percent of SMS messages receive a response within the first 15 minutes, placing this form of marketing at the mainstream. Data were obtained from 1,500 networks in 42 countries using 42 different mobile operating systems. Messages are also preferred by 9 out of 10 people to keep informed about business contact.

Benefits of SMS Marketing to Marketers

When companies are persuaded that SMS marketing is an efficient way to reach customers, five SMS marketing advantages will help them grow the business and reach all their customers.

1.High open rates

People open 98 percent of SMSes. As opposed to email ads, phone calls, or web posters, this makes it the most efficient way to meet the clients. Compared to messages with a low rate of spamming, email and phone calls have a higher percentage of spam.

2.High conversion rate

Despite the widespread use of messaging apps, SMS still has a high conversion rate. It may be because the SMS marketing platform provides consumers a personalized approach instead of making them read an ad that could be directed at anyone. This way, every customer will know which ads are directed towards them and pay more attention to what they are doing. People are more likely to visit the business and take advantage of promotions and deals shared by companies through SMS than through any other marketing channel.


Cloud messaging platforms make SMS marketing a very cost-efficient choice, particularly when compared to other marketing options. Bulk SMS options are available from cloud telephony providers, enabling companies to reach out to thousands of consumers in a limited period. Depending on the amount of text, the number of keywords, and preferred features, they must expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $500 per month.

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