How Telematics and Smartphone Applications Can Help Enhance Fleet Management
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How Telematics and Smartphone Applications Can Help Enhance Fleet Management

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Today's businesses are increasingly reliant on technology to increase the availability and efficiency of their assets and staff. Fleet management is one such sector that has benefited significantly from digitization.

FREMONT, CA: For a long time, businesses have relied on fleet management software to monitor fleet operations in real-time. Additionally, these technologies provide real inputs for increasing the efficiency of company processes.

However, fleet management solutions based on telematics and mobile data have reshaped the industry's status quo.

A Better Fleet Management System with Telematics and IoT-Based Mobile Apps

Telematics refers to the application of telecommunications and information technology to moving vehicles.

Telematics is gradually being integrated into fleet management firms' fleet tracking software. Additionally, they are leveraging mobile data, wireless communication, and Internet of Things-enabled (IoT) vehicle control technologies for fleet management. And what's intriguing is that all of these technologies have now begun to converge, providing fleet management with a vast amount of vehicle and driver information.

By incorporating an IoT-based telematics platform into a fleet management system, companies gain essential data that is always one step ahead.

For instance, a telematics device can provide information on the nearest vehicle capable of servicing a request after determining whether the vehicle possesses the necessary parts. Another example is the system's capability to monitor a vehicle's engine hours and then report how the engine hours affect the vehicle's maintenance cycle.

Businesses are leveraging the hardware of mobile phones (and their included GPS) to perform a variety of activities previously performed by installed GPS systems in automobiles. When used in conjunction with telematics equipment, mainly built fleet management mobile apps can benefit fleet management organizations enormously.

The Benefits of Mobile Apps in Fleet Management

When an app is placed on the driver's smartphone and a telematics device is installed in the car, fleet management businesses can quickly determine if the driver and the vehicle are together.